Xtreme-DI EVO High Pressure Fuel Pump

Xtreme-DI EVO High Pressure Fuel Pump

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Please be aware that there is a 8-10 week lead time on XDI EVO pumps due to massive demand. This delay may change at any time.

Include a set of 1350cc (Hondata+Motec) or 2000cc (Motec only) injectors and save over $200!

FK8 Clinic is an authorized dealer of XDI products for your Type R.

The Xtreme-DI (XDI) direct injection pump is a simple bolt-on that enables you to make significantly more horsepower on your Civic Type R, especially when paired with an aftermarket turbo, injectors, or ethanol. The pump is located on the top of the engine under the engine cover and is a very easy 1 hour install that can be done at home.

Why do I need this?

The main barrier to more power on a Type R is the high pressure fuel pump. Even on the factory tune with factory parts, it is reaching 70-80% capacity. Most custom tunes completely max it out.

In order to make more power, a higher capacity high pressure fuel pump is required. This item is highly recommended when upgrading your turbocharger as you will NOT be able to make the most of your turbo without it. It also greatly benefits those running ethanol, allowing higher mixtures like E50-E60 instead of E20-30 on the OEM pump. 

  • Approximately 36% more capacity than the OEM Bosch pump
  • 12% more than the pump in Hondata's fuel system upgrade
  • Runs at a higher pressure of 240 bars versus the OEM pressure of 200 bars, ensuring better atomization
  • Harder springs are rated for 7800RPM engine speed versus Bosch's 7200RPM.

You can read more about the FK8's high pressure fuel pump on the FK8 Wiki.

Do I need anything else?

A Hondata FlashPro is required to use this pump and will require custom tuning to make any additional power. This is only the high pressure fuel pump, other components like injectors and low pressure fuel pumps are sold separately, but not strictly necessary.