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Custom Tune

Custom Tune

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Ready to perfect your machine? The FK8 Clinic is one of the most well respected tuning shops for the Type R and we will ensure you have a thoroughly developed, powerful, and reliable tune along with the peace of mind that you will always be taken care of.

We do not simply set an appointment, log into your laptop remotely, and get it done in an hour or two. An FK8 Clinic tune is a one on one process that involves lots of revising, trial and error, and communication over the course of multiple weeks. Regardless of whether you choose to finish it on a dyno or not, we will be refining your tune on the street or track. It generally takes 6 to 15 revisions before we come to an official close, and only once you're happy, we're happy, and the engine is happy. Revisions are sent back within 12-48 hours of you sending us datalogs. However, it doesn't end there.

FK8 Clinic tunes include LIFETIME revisions for most changes and free datalog reviews.

Once you've chosen us to tune your vehicle, it's in our care for as long as it belongs to you. Most part changes or tune adjustments will not require additional payment. For more info, check the Retune product page.

What's the process?

After ordering the tune, you will fill out this form. Once completed, within 12-48 hours we will email you with an initial tune and more specific instructions on what kind of driving needs to be done. The process is very simple: you datalog, email it to us, we revise, and email it back to you. Communication is key to ensuring you get what you want out of this process.

If you elect for a remote dyno tune, once the majority of the tuning has been completed on the street as with an e-tune we will head to the dyno to refine everything and get the numbers. Afterwards we will likely follow it up with some additional street tuning.

Be aware, for this process to work, you will need to occasionally do pulls with your foot to the floor to redline.

A Hondata FlashPro, jailbroken ECU, and Windows computer is required.