About Us

The FK8 Clinic is a professional remote tuning and performance parts dealer based in Florida that caters to 2017+ Honda Civic Type Rs across the world. It was officially established and named at the beginning of 2020, but in reality the work began practically upon the platform's release in 2017.

Kefi, a software engineer by trade, bought his Rallye Red FK8 in December 2017. With no dreams of doing anything but driving it and lightly modifying it, the flames were nonetheless fueled by a dyno day a few months later, wherein over thirty FK8s had their parking brakes disabled after their pulls on the dyno and nobody really knew why or how to fix it. On top of that, Rs that had the same parts were making wildly different numbers, even stock. Being an engineer, Kefi had to know why.

After some brief initial research on the very little information that was available at the time, Kefi realized Honda did something they never did before: they used a Bosch ECU to control the engine. So not only was the platform itself new, for all intents and purposes it wasn't even a Honda when it came to tuning it. Everything was approached differently. Even the engine itself had an entirely new form of VTEC.

A fresh field of research and discovery, an engineer's dream.

So from 2017 to 2020, Kefi spent much of his free time learning, tinkering, researching, helping others debug issues, and using his Type R as the guinea pig for all of it. After analyzing hundreds of datalogs and hearing stories from Type R owners across the globe, one fact became plainly obvious: almost no one knew what the hell they were doing when tuning these, even three years into the platform.

There are many great tuners, but speaking relatively to other platforms, there is a significant gap in tuners that are truly knowledgeable about what should be done versus what just works. This is no fault of the tuners, but simply a reality of an entirely new ECU with significantly different strategies being used. Everyone had to figure it out, and most tuners didn't have time to focus all their efforts on figuring out one particular car they may see a few times a month. Those that did largely didn't share their knowledge.

And so the FK8 Clinic was born, but not with the singular mission of selling tunes. Tuners continuing to put out suboptimal tunes and owners installing parts that are detrimental to performance will only hurt the FK8's reputation and ultimately take away from our potential client base. We created The FK8 Wiki to educate all owners and tuners on the specific intricacies of this platform, and continue to help all Type R owners whether they're a customer of ours or not. We believe the platform being advanced as a whole is good for business - even if our competitors end up putting out similar results as us by using our information. Plus, we're Type R enthusiasts just like you.